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Updated: Dec 17, 2021

My first meeting with any new client of The Small Business Centre tends to follow a similar pattern. They tell me about themselves and their business, then I tell them about The Small Business Centre and all the FREE services we offer and how we might be able to help them and their business ideas become a reality. It's basically a "getting to know you" conversation with a little advice, a little insight and (hopefully) a few laughs and reassurances. The truth is, most people meeting with us for the first time are a bit apprehensive and overwhelmed. You don't know what you don't know - and that's perfectly OK. That's what we are here for. Our typical experience with new clients, is that while they all arrive at our door at various stages and places in the business building process, there is always something that they weren't quite sure of or confident in. In short, there always seems to be something we can offer to help anyone who reaches out to us. Honestly, we find that most people know about a third of what they think they know - and we affirm that for them. The next third they think they know, but they're often mistaken - and we correct that for them. The last third typically ends up being information they had no clue existed - and we educate and inform them about it. At the very least, for those rare few clients who have everything on track, we can offer up assurances that they're moving in the right direction. Truth is, no one has all the answers - and that's what we are here for. That being said, even if we don't have all the answers to all of your questions, our hope is to get you in touch with someone who does. At the end of the day, we'll always do our best to give you advice, insight and support toward getting your business off the ground - and propelling it forward. We look forward to meeting with you and helping you make sense and order of all those amazing, confounding and confusing things that go into creating and running a successful business. Let us be your guide and support!

*Shawn is a lifelong Oxford County resident with a strong business ownership and communications background. As the former owner of a long-standing Insurance Brokerage in Woodstock, Shawn is able to provide practical insights into business risk, day-to-operations, staffing and marketing and sales strategies to clients interested in business start-up or growth. Shawn is a strong business coach and mentor who excels at working with clients one-on-one or when facilitating workshops that look to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary skills they need to run a successful business. He believes in building entrepreneurial networks, sharing our collective business knowledge and in finding ways for our clients to work together in Woodstock, Oxford County and beyond.

You can reach out to Shawn by emailing:

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