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Updated: Dec 17, 2021

From concept to launch, turning a new business into reality can be altogether overwhelming.

Trust us, we get it. As business owners we’ve been there before and that’s part of what The Small Business Centre is here to help with. Sometimes though, the source of that unbearable sense of being overwhelmed actually comes from you.

It’s true.

I meet so many people who are so deeply immersed in their business launch, that they eat, sleep and breathe it. It consumes them. It feels like they have 48 things to do in 24 hours all while trying to manage the rest of “life” at the same time. Truth is, for all the planning, pacing, checklists and sleepless nights, you have to know it isn’t always going to go according to plan. In fact, if there is one “constant” in business planning and execution it would be the very fact that there are no constants in business. The process can be inconsistent to a fault. You can do your best to plan 360 degrees around – but inevitably something will still fall from the sky or trip you up below.

That being said, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be as prepared as possible or that you can’t navigate anything that comes your way. Obstacles are life’s way of forcing us to be flexible. It forces us to slow down, consider our options and move forward in a more controlled, educated fashion.

Sometimes (most times) we are our own worst enemies because we are so immersed in our concept and execution. We can’t get out of our own way – and actually end up creating some of obstacles that serve to derail us. Sometimes we need to stop and slow down, if only to catch our breath and gain some perspective that was lost in the overwhelming crush of needing to get everything done yesterday. Sometimes taking a step back and looking at our processes, ideas, and execution from another point of view create new “eureka” moments or open new paths toward success that were otherwise lost because we were too preoccupied looking at things from a different angle.

Being well organized, applying timelines and checks and balances and executing a well-structured plan are all immensely important aspects of implementation and launch when it comes to making your business dream a reality. By not getting in your own way and allowing yourself to step back, take a breath and consider different perspectives and approaches it can not only calm your stress, but afford you new directions toward launch and success.

*Shawn is a lifelong Oxford County resident with a strong business ownership and communications background. As the former owner of a long-standing Insurance Brokerage in Woodstock, Shawn is able to provide practical insights into business risk, day-to-operations, staffing and marketing and sales strategies to clients interested in business start-up or growth. Shawn is a strong business coach and mentor who excels at working with clients one-on-one or when facilitating workshops that look to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary skills they need to run a successful business. He believes in building entrepreneurial networks, sharing our collective business knowledge and in finding ways for our clients to work together in Woodstock, Oxford County and beyond.

You can reach out to Shawn by emailing:

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