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Updated: Dec 17, 2021

The one thing we can all agree on is that COVID-19 has had a massive impact on all of our lives.

From social distancing, mask wearing, and lockdowns – we’ve all had to adjust to how we’ve lived our lives. COVID has impacted each of us. While the impact has been significant for some and not as profound for others, we have never seen this sort of universal global change across humanity at the same time, in the modern era.

When it comes to small business, COVID has ravaged almost every aspect of ownership and called into question the very survival of otherwise successful businesses. In some cases, COVID has spelled the end of those businesses with the effects of those losses felt deeply in each community around the globe. It’s tragic, unfortunate and devastating to owners, staff and customers. At The Small Business Centre, we exist to assist any business in need of help and support with the hope that we can help them navigate these unprecedented waters.

Is change altogether bad, though?

As uncertain and traumatic as these times have been for business, there have also been small rays of sunshine. The pressure to “survive” has generated some amazing change and innovation. Just like time and extreme pressure create diamonds, COVID has pushed businesses not only to the brink, but to create and flex in ways they never thought possible. We have seen small businesses push themselves, motivate each other, support, share and lift each other up. We have seen owners and entrepreneurs take charge and rise to limits they never thought possible.

For as unexpected and devastating as COVID has been to small business, it has also brought about changes that were unthinkable a year ago. Innovation, creativity, strategic partnerships, sustainability, multi-channel distribution systems, and a drive and determination to not just think outside the box – but build a whole NEW box, has been a new and exciting perspective for those rising from the ashes. We can all tie our wagons to that positive direction.

We applaud this innovation and we are so excited to be able to help, support and connect with each of you, and to be able to help in any way we can. As dark as this past year has been, those rays of light are gradually beginning to burn brighter – and we are so eager to be here to work with you to help rise above and propel your businesses forward.

Change for change's sake isn’t always best – but change with purpose and direction can be amazing. We look forward to helping you build your best business.

*Shawn is a lifelong Oxford County resident with a strong business ownership and communications background. As the former owner of a long-standing Insurance Brokerage in Woodstock, Shawn is able to provide practical insights into business risk, day-to-operations, staffing and marketing and sales strategies to clients interested in business start-up or growth. Shawn is a strong business coach and mentor who excels at working with clients one-on-one or when facilitating workshops that look to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary skills they need to run a successful business. He believes in building entrepreneurial networks, sharing our collective business knowledge and in finding ways for our clients to work together in Woodstock, Oxford County and beyond.

You can reach out to Shawn by emailing:

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