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On-Demand Business Knowledge

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(October 18)

Today is all about exploring some trending business ideas! Dream big and get ready to work hard.

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Writing by the Water

(October 19)

Learn about what you need to set up a new business. Insurance, planning, and much more are covered to get you ready.

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(October 20)

Getting your online presence and inventory management right from the beginning is essential for early success. Don't miss out!

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Financial Report

(October 21)

Your business is all set up and running? Today is a day to see how you can improve what you currently do.

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(October 22)

You already went from idea to optimization, now it's time to grow.

Learn more about online marketing to get your sales up!

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A picture of Shawn McNamara and Brenda Tait, the team of advisors of The Small Business Centre, standing back to back.

Free Support

We have an expert marketing and business development consulting team to help your entrepreneurial idea or business reach its full potential.

Call us at 519-532-0063 to book a free appointment today and get your plans going!

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